Morne van der Nest
Johannesburg Branch

Morne van der Nest started his career in 1991 in SAPS VIP Protection Unit (SAPS VIP Protection Unit 1991-1993)
CPO TL for Saudi Prince Turki bin Mohamed Al Saud (Brother of King Fahad) in Cairo, Egypt from 2003-2011.
Completed his CPO course with Spartan Risk Management in 2013
He was also head of CPO on the Maydex team protecting PRASA executives (2014-2015).
During his private sector career he also protected VVIP’s such as Prime Minister Modi (India) on SA visit and current Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Sultan (SA visit to Polokwane 2016)

He is PSIRA A grade 1116075
Competent Firearms for business purpose in handgun, shotgun, carbine, self-loading rifle
Accredited SASSETA Assessor registration nr 19A78062529
Completed advanced driving and convoy driving course with Advanced Driving 4 Africa
Risk Management Fundamentals University of Stellenbosch 2019

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