Close Protection

Close protection encompasses a broad spectrum.

At EXPRO we go as far as providing what we term ‘protective convenience services’.

Our focus is primarily the avoidance of bureaucratic hindrances for the free movement of VIPs.

Close protection doesn’t always mean armed bodyguards. In many instances executives, VIPs and sports teams simply require a chauffer driven vehicle to take them from the airport to their hotel or venue using the safest possible route.

Executive protection and VIP protection is necessary for visiting high-risk locations or unfamiliar places.

EXPRO operatives have local knowledge for all African countries, and with their thorough briefings you can carry out your duties without worrying about personal safety.

Tourist Protection

Unfortunately crime does exist in South Africa. EXPRO operatives provide the necessary tourist protection to individuals as well as groups during their stay providing them with guidance, and personal safety.

The professional conduct of you and your team was greatly appreciated by the European Union Members of Parliament and it was comforting to know that their safety was ensured at all times.
Jacques Mauve, European Union

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