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At EXPRO GLOBAL PROTECTION we understand security is a discipline that requires a holistic approach in order to successfully mitigate an organization’s risks and vulnerabilities. In today’s environment, security services play a strategic role in supporting many businesses and an increasingly important role in the relationship between organizations its customers and employees.

Subsequently, EXPRO aims to deliver a consistent, high quality and tailored service to its valued clientele. EXPRO GOBAL PROTECTION specializes in providing Security Solutions for industries including; corporate business, tertiary institutions, government, public venue crowd control and personal protection of dignitaries and celebrities alike.

Our experienced Management team ensures that a professional approach and a high-quality standard of service is consistently delivered to our clientele. With an objective to understand our diverse client needs; we ensure a timely response to our clients’ specific safety and security requirements.

EXPRO GLOBAL PROTECTION is committed to transparency we assure best practice across our business and for our clients..

The following are competitive advantages that differentiate EXPRO GLOBAL PROTECTION from other providers:

  • Expertise & Stability: Highly knowledgeable workforce, with an extensive all rounded experience in the security industry.
  • Technological skills: All our management team is well versed and current with the latest technologies in the security industry.
  • High-level standards: Professionalism, confidentiality, public relations driven, loyal and strong ethics are just some of the standards we pride ourselves with, in order to drive our company forward and to grow.
  • Adaptability: We can adapt and overcome any situation in the industry with our resourcefulness and commitment to the task at hand.
  • Customer Service: First-class service: Our clients their clients and visitors as well as our employees are at the forefront of our commitment always.
  • 24/7 support: Client input: Listening to our clients’ needs and making sure they are not only met but projected and drilled into all our members in order to create a long-term relationship in business. We understand that not one event is the same and all are just as important as their business is to us.

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